The Journey

Dale Sechrest

"Acoustically driven - honest and gritty at the base. Every song has a stroke of understated genius".Jamsphere Magazine. "On 'life is Changes', his vocal delivery is breathlessly eloquent, the lyrics poignantly and passionately sung. In a word-sublime!"

A Quick Review of 'The Journey' from Jamsphere Magazine: 'A solid, unpretentious musician with cleanly crafted performances, Dale’s music on this album is honest and gritty at the base. Dale has a number of modes his songs follow, so there are similar types of songs, but a lot of variety, both in sound and mood. Every song has a stroke of understated genius.

You won’t find obsessive histrionics anywhere on these tracks, quite simply because Dale Sechrest’s talents are set to serve the song, not the artist himself or his ego. And if that sounds like a subtle dividing line, it is not – It is that massively gaping crevasse that separates a performer from being a true artist.

Often Dale’s tone is much more conversational, personal, and the music is more intimate, yet urgent – as can be heard on the title track “The Journey”. Dale does not simply sing his songs – he interprets them in every facet. This is storytelling the way only the best breed of singer-songwriters are capable of doing.

Dale Sechrest fleshes out themes that are occupied with the primary and essential things in life. He doesn’t broadly look at the jigsaw puzzle, instead he picks out little pieces and scrutinizes how and why each piece does or doesn’t fit the big picture.

Michael Clark’s elegant production allows these songs to breathe freely, and Dale’s voice to deservedly stand out front and center. Close-up and personal, “The Journey” is a truly fulfilling listening experience" - Rick Jamm - Jamsphere Magazine.

This album contains a mix of 'Americana' - Singer Songwriter and Christian songs. Musicians include Troye Kinnett - Keyboardist (Mellencamp), Steve Dokken - Bass (Sandi Patty), Chris Pyle - Drummer and Michael Clark - Guitar, Steel Pedal (Mellencamp)

This was recorded at The Lodge Studios, Indpls, In. Songs about life, about love, about God, songs about the journey of life.

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JUDAH - Worship From the Ages

Dale Sechrest

Hebraic, Messianic songs, recorded 'Live' at St. Peter's Lutheran Church Sanctuary.

How did I come by recording Messianic Worship songs? What is Messianic Worship? Please see the notes below for the answers! Thank you for visiting!

Messianic Judaism combines the Christian belief that Jesus is the Messiah—with elements of Jewish tradition. Where this comes into play for Christians, is the scripture that states we are 'grafted into' the family of Christ. It is also important, for some believers, to know how Yeshua (Hebrew name for Jesus), would have worshiped, including the traditional feasts and festivals that were important to Him. Many of the songs here, are songs that He would have sung during these feasts.

St. Peter's Lutheran Church is one of several churches that I have become connected to in the music ministry. A year ago they installed a Rabbi, Dr. Chad Yeshayahu Foster - who is also a Lutheran Minister. For his Torah classes (the first five books of the Old Testament), he asked me if I could learn some of the Hebrew songs of old. You can check out his teachings on his website:

I not only enjoy the challenge of learning the language, but this has also blessed me spiritually, as I grow closer to our GOD.

This music was recorded 'Live' at St. Peter's Lutheran Church Sanctuary.

The songs date back as far as 2000+ years. This recording is very simple, guitar and voice. No mastering, no filters. There are also a couple of Hebraic songs that I have written, included in this compilation. This cd, 'JUDAH' (Hebrew for 'PRAISE'), is due to Rabbi Chad Yeshayahu Foster and the good people of his Torah 1.0 class. Dean ONeal engineered the recording.

Roughly 10 years ago I recorded, 'WORSHIP', in a very similar style. It was for a group of individuals at church - So now I find myself, sharing these Hebrew songs, this time, not only for a group at church, but, hopefully it will bless others as far as GOD will carry it.

This continues to be 'All About Love' - the love of the FATHER, by which we are able to love others.

Feel free to share the downloads and share the message of YESHUA, Christ, Jesus and the love of ADONAI - our GOD.

You Are Holy

Kol Ha-olam Kulo


Gadol Elohai

Hinei Motov

Barukh Atah ADONAI


Ana B'Koach

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Dale Sechrest

This CD is all acoustic, one voice, one guitar. It is my hope that these songs help to being people closer to the Father in their prayer time.

Several people had asked me to record some songs that would assist them in their prayer time. I hope these songs are the answer to that request. Each one was written during prayer and thus are very intimate.

The recording of this CD is very raw - the sound was not mastered and no effects were added.

Just one guitar and one voice.


Come Into His Holy Presence: the call to worship. ...'come and know the power of His love...Take His hand, He will lift you above'.

I Will Stay - A conversation between man and God ...'Empty out all of the day / Let My hand cover you / Let My love pour over you / And I will stay'.

Worthy - 'Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain'

Psalm Song - A song made up of various Psalms. 'when my heart is overwhelmed / lead to the Rock that is higher than I'

At The Feet of Jesus - Intimate worship - 'At the feet of Jesus there is love'.

Falling - A love song ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credits:

Many thanks go to God and Jesus Christ. Thanks to my wife, Juli Sechrest, for your love, patience and allowing me the opportunity to do what I feel God has called me to do. To my son, Andrew – Thank you for teaching me. Thank you to Jason, my son, who always encourages. Thank you to Hywel Thomas for your guidance & support. Thank you to Dennis Lindsay, what can I say…'may God bless and keep you always'. Thank you Wayne Deaton for your recording skills and talent. Thank you to my Father, Mother, Sister and Brothers. A huge thanks to everyone who helped with this project. Last, but not least, thank you to World Vision for allowing me to be an ambassador to your wonderful cause. All songs written by Dale Sechrest. ‘Psalm Song’ is a combination of various Psalms. Appropriate copyright withstands. Manufactured and produced within these United States.

1 I Will Stay – 2:56 2 Come Into His Holy Presence – 3:17 3 Worthy – 3:54 4 Psalm Song – 4:13 5 At The Feet Of Jesus – 2:51 6 Falling – 4:26

Recorded at Kaylee’s Kloset, Produced & engineered by Wayne Deaton All songs written by Dale Sechrest, © 2005/2006, Dale Sechrest. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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Speed of Light

Dale Sechrest

"Sounds like James Taylor, if James Taylor rocked" Jim Ryser

A Review on Speed Of Light:

Following his single “Best of Friends,” a heartfelt ode to fathers and sons, Dale Sechrest released his debut album, Speed of Light, an eclectic blend of rock, soul and blues. Speed of Light chronicles a life’s search for love from the garage party antics of “New Orleans” and lovesick “Baby I’m Crazy,” to the amorous battle cry of “When It Comes Down” with the despair driven “Sometimes.” Bookended by faith-based anthems, “Higher Ground” and “The Time Will Come” (not included in the MP3 Release), frame the ups and downs of this journey with a belief in better days, while a rousing rock cover of Ray Charles “Unchain My Heart” and a tribute to a friend, “The Ballad of Matthew and the Priest” round out the album’s diverse sound.

From Dale: My music would probably be influenced by the music I listened to growing up: Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan, Neal Young, Moody Blues, Simon & Garfunkle.

I have been told by a few people that I sound like Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. Still not sure if that's a compliment. At the same time I've been told, more often, that I look a lot like David Bowie. For whatever that's worth.

As far as 'Speed of Light' my agent's first words were, 'some of it sounds like it came from the 70's'. Makes sense, because some of the songs were written then.

Speed of Light has a little bit of everything. Rock and roll, ballad, country, jazz and blues.

Within the Tri-State area where I live, there were radio stations that played the entire CD upon its release. The title track, Speed of Light, with guest vocalist, Jimmy Ryser, was placed on full rotation at many radio stations in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. The song that received the highest acclaim, however, was 'Sometimes'.

Speed of Light was released in August of 1997.

About the songs. Higher Ground (Song for Jason). I was watching Cool Hand Luke and at the part where Luke is told of his mothers death, he picks up a banjo and plays the only 'religious' song he knew. Something in that moment grabbed me and I started writing. A song about days when you're on top and days when you're on the bottom. But there is something to be learned in both places. I wanted to tell Jason, that although he may go through tough times, good times would come back around.

Speed of Light. A combination of several things. but the main inspiration: It's A Wonderful Life. (Maybe I watch too many movies). The moment in the film when Jimmy Stewart says, "What do you want Mary? You want the moon? I'll throw a lasso around it and give it to you". Mary replies, "And then what?" Jimmy says, "well, then you'd swallow it, and it would shoot through your fingertips....

Joanna. I never knew anyone named Joanna. Don't know what it's about. Wrote long ago, in the early morning hours.

Sometimes. Wish I had the chance to re-record this, just because. I used to do a lot of writing while driving late at night. This is one of those moments.

When It All Comes Down. Too much time is spent on the wrong things in life.

New Orleans. A fun song written years ago.

Ballad of Matthew and the Priest. I had a wonderful english teacher, Dennis Lindsey, who encouraged me and my music. This song was written for him. There is a major mistake in the song, but the engineer would not allow correction, due to time restraints.

Baby I'm Crazy. Again, late night, had been listening to a lot of Ray Charles and this song popped up.

This album was recorded 'Live'.

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