Speed of Light

Dale Sechrest

"Sounds like James Taylor, if James Taylor rocked" Jim Ryser

A Review on Speed Of Light:

Following his single “Best of Friends,” a heartfelt ode to fathers and sons, Dale Sechrest released his debut album, Speed of Light, an eclectic blend of rock, soul and blues. Speed of Light chronicles a life’s search for love from the garage party antics of “New Orleans” and lovesick “Baby I’m Crazy,” to the amorous battle cry of “When It Comes Down” with the despair driven “Sometimes.” Bookended by faith-based anthems, “Higher Ground” and “The Time Will Come” (not included in the MP3 Release), frame the ups and downs of this journey with a belief in better days, while a rousing rock cover of Ray Charles “Unchain My Heart” and a tribute to a friend, “The Ballad of Matthew and the Priest” round out the album’s diverse sound.

From Dale: My music would probably be influenced by the music I listened to growing up: Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan, Neal Young, Moody Blues, Simon & Garfunkle.

I have been told by a few people that I sound like Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. Still not sure if that's a compliment. At the same time I've been told, more often, that I look a lot like David Bowie. For whatever that's worth.

As far as 'Speed of Light' my agent's first words were, 'some of it sounds like it came from the 70's'. Makes sense, because some of the songs were written then.

Speed of Light has a little bit of everything. Rock and roll, ballad, country, jazz and blues.

Within the Tri-State area where I live, there were radio stations that played the entire CD upon its release. The title track, Speed of Light, with guest vocalist, Jimmy Ryser, was placed on full rotation at many radio stations in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. The song that received the highest acclaim, however, was 'Sometimes'.

Speed of Light was released in August of 1997.

About the songs. Higher Ground (Song for Jason). I was watching Cool Hand Luke and at the part where Luke is told of his mothers death, he picks up a banjo and plays the only 'religious' song he knew. Something in that moment grabbed me and I started writing. A song about days when you're on top and days when you're on the bottom. But there is something to be learned in both places. I wanted to tell Jason, that although he may go through tough times, good times would come back around.

Speed of Light. A combination of several things. but the main inspiration: It's A Wonderful Life. (Maybe I watch too many movies). The moment in the film when Jimmy Stewart says, "What do you want Mary? You want the moon? I'll throw a lasso around it and give it to you". Mary replies, "And then what?" Jimmy says, "well, then you'd swallow it, and it would shoot through your fingertips....

Joanna. I never knew anyone named Joanna. Don't know what it's about. Wrote long ago, in the early morning hours.

Sometimes. Wish I had the chance to re-record this, just because. I used to do a lot of writing while driving late at night. This is one of those moments.

When It All Comes Down. Too much time is spent on the wrong things in life.

New Orleans. A fun song written years ago.

Ballad of Matthew and the Priest. I had a wonderful english teacher, Dennis Lindsey, who encouraged me and my music. This song was written for him. There is a major mistake in the song, but the engineer would not allow correction, due to time restraints.

Baby I'm Crazy. Again, late night, had been listening to a lot of Ray Charles and this song popped up.

This album was recorded 'Live'.

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