JUDAH - Worship From the Ages

Dale Sechrest

Hebraic, Messianic songs, recorded 'Live' at St. Peter's Lutheran Church Sanctuary.

How did I come by recording Messianic Worship songs? What is Messianic Worship? Please see the notes below for the answers! Thank you for visiting!

Messianic Judaism combines the Christian belief that Jesus is the Messiah—with elements of Jewish tradition. Where this comes into play for Christians, is the scripture that states we are 'grafted into' the family of Christ. It is also important, for some believers, to know how Yeshua (Hebrew name for Jesus), would have worshiped, including the traditional feasts and festivals that were important to Him. Many of the songs here, are songs that He would have sung during these feasts.

St. Peter's Lutheran Church is one of several churches that I have become connected to in the music ministry. A year ago they installed a Rabbi, Dr. Chad Yeshayahu Foster - who is also a Lutheran Minister. For his Torah classes (the first five books of the Old Testament), he asked me if I could learn some of the Hebrew songs of old. You can check out his teachings on his website: drchad.faithweb.com

I not only enjoy the challenge of learning the language, but this has also blessed me spiritually, as I grow closer to our GOD.

This music was recorded 'Live' at St. Peter's Lutheran Church Sanctuary.

The songs date back as far as 2000+ years. This recording is very simple, guitar and voice. No mastering, no filters. There are also a couple of Hebraic songs that I have written, included in this compilation. This cd, 'JUDAH' (Hebrew for 'PRAISE'), is due to Rabbi Chad Yeshayahu Foster and the good people of his Torah 1.0 class. Dean ONeal engineered the recording.

Roughly 10 years ago I recorded, 'WORSHIP', in a very similar style. It was for a group of individuals at church - So now I find myself, sharing these Hebrew songs, this time, not only for a group at church, but, hopefully it will bless others as far as GOD will carry it.

This continues to be 'All About Love' - the love of the FATHER, by which we are able to love others.

Feel free to share the downloads and share the message of YESHUA, Christ, Jesus and the love of ADONAI - our GOD.

You Are Holy

Kol Ha-olam Kulo


Gadol Elohai

Hinei Motov

Barukh Atah ADONAI


Ana B'Koach

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