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Looking forward to appearing on CFN this Saturday, 4:30pm  2-27-2021.


The Catholic Faith Network can be viewed 'Live' on their website,



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"Life is changes, ever moving.Don't let it pass you by" -
'Life is Changes (Song to Andrew)'
My CD, 'JUDAH', is now available on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and other fine
Music locations.
My newest CD is due out in late March.
I was recently given the wonderful opportunity to record a couple of videos with videographer, Keith Griner. He was kind enough to brave a snow storm and travel from Nashville TN., to record these. One will be shown on CFN, 2-27 during their Telethon. The other video is a 30 minute concert, which will be aired on various social media and this website, in March.
Date for online concert is yet to be determined.



During this Corona Virus Pandemic we find ourselves in a whole new world. A world of isolation. And yet, the simple act of being in isolation, is a good deed. Because we're doing it, not only for ourselves, but for others as well. To keep them safe. We are actually, 'loving our neighbor'.

Here is a little ditty I recorded during the 'Stay at Home' order. Just a little song reminding us that, though we may be apart, in the spirit we are together. And we are working together to overcome.
You can listen to it on my 'ALBUMS' page.
You can listen to it on YOUTUBE here:
Please let me know your thoughts and give it a 'Thumbs Up' if you enjoy it!
"It's like James Taylor, if James Taylor rocked"
Jim Ryser - Speed of Light

It's great that my songs are available at places like, Spotify, iTunes, Google Music,

Amazon, but, at they are available on this website as well -  

Just check out the 'Albums' page.


I praise God for all the opportunities that HE has given me!



that songs from, 'The Journey' & 'JUDAH' are now being played on 

 Chavah Messianic Radio 

Visit their site and listen to their station



I'm published! Well, not me, but a book I wrote is now available on Amazon.

WORSHIP - Top Tips for Worship Leaders

has just hit the internet and can be read on Kindle.

Check it out!

Worship Book

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Reviews for 'The Journey':

From Sleepingbagstudios:



 Jamsphere Music Magazine of, 'The Journey':
"Dale does not simply sing his songs – he interprets them in every facet. This is storytelling the way only the best breed of singer-songwriters are capable of doing".
"Sechrest fleshes out themes that are occupied with the primary and essential things in life. He doesn’t broadly look at the jigsaw puzzle, instead he picks out little pieces and scrutinizes how and why each piece does or doesn’t fit the big picture. Michael Clark’s elegant production allows these songs to breathe freely, and Dale’s voice to deservedly stand out front and center. Close-up and personal, “The Journey” is a truly fulfilling listening experience."

Rick Jamm


Read more of the review from Jamsphere Magazine

Jamshpere Music Mag
You can read about my journey through music in the Magazine, 'Prime Time'
Thank you to the writer, Barney Quick and Editor Doug Showalter!
'The Journey' is available here!


A mix of Americana - Singer Songwriter and Christian tunes.

Featuring the talents of Michael Clark, Steve Dokken (Sandi Patty), Troye Kinnett (John Mellencamp) and Chris Pyle.

Produced by Michael Clark.

Take a listen and get your copy today! 


 ~Now Available on this website ~

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